Tips for Choosing the Best Ping Pong Paddle

Ping pong is another term for table tennis. This is an exciting, fast-paced table-top game that is known for providing fun for the two players. This game is enjoyed everywhere from the bars or local sports clubs to people’s garage since it does not require complicated equipment. A standard ping pong table is compact, and it can fit in relatively small rooms. As a player, you should have a ball, a table, and a serving/returning paddle.

ping pong-returing ball

You can become a pro by accessing your playing style, finding out what feels good in your hand and taking advantage of the various materials. You can also learn more about Ping Pong gear and training tips by reading online reviews.  In general, you can improve your game by buying a paddle made of high-quality materials, the paddle chosen should have a smooth surface and capable of withstanding more intense play. The following are the proven tips for choosing a table tennis paddle.

Figuring out the Grip to Use

Your playing style and the type of paddle chosen can influence your performance. You should choose a grip that is comfortable for you. The “shakehand” grip is very common in the West. It involves holding the paddle the same way you hold your hand while shaking hands with a person. Other players prefer utilizing the “penhold grip.” This involves holding the handle by gripping it between the forefinger and the thumb like a pen.

With this grip, the paddle is held downwards while playing. The player should then serve and return the ball several times with the different grips. This will help in choosing a grip that is most suitable for you. The shake hand grip can help you in returning the ball with more force and spinning it on. With the penhold grip, you can hold the paddle in a natural position and then use it to make quick, brush strokes.

Practice With a Wooden or Plastic Paddle

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Players learn how to play by using cheap paddles.The basic paddles are made of thin wooded layers or molded plastic. They don’t offer frills when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. Beginners should make use of these paddles instead of breaking their banks buying expensive paddles. Practicing with a plain, cheap paddle can help you in becoming more precise. You should make an effort of hitting the ball whenever serving and returning.

Buying Read-Made Commercial Paddle

You can read the available reviews to learn about the best paddles on the market. These paddles are readily available in the local sporting goods store. They are made with the same materials, dimensions, and rubberized surface layers. Recreational players are advised to use the basic store-bought paddles. Most of the commercial paddles are sold in pairs, but they are affordable.