Key Features of a Quality Watch

There are particular watch features that you can check to determine if it is of high quality. Knowing the features to review can help you avoid getting a knock-off watch when looking to buy one. A brand name such asĀ AR1908 Armani watch is one of the things to check, but it is certainly not the only thing. Some of the features of a quality watch are highlighted below.


Watch experts all agree on the fact that quality watches should have mechanical movement as opposed to a quartz movement. An even better option is the traditional mechanical watch movement that is automated. Such timepieces nowadays make use of a smart automatic set up that eliminates the need for winding it regularly. All these, however, do not necessarily mean that all watches that have quartz movement are not quality watches.


The crystal refers to the front of the watch, which is transparent to allow you to see the time. The crystals of a majority of high-quality timepieces are usually made of sapphire material. Sapphire is quite resistant to scratches, which ensures that the watch will retain its luster for a long time. The sapphire crystal can make the watch to be very expensive. An alternative that is a bit cheaper is mineral glass. Remember to check the thickness of the crystal as well. The thicker the watch crystal, the better the quality of the watch is.

Chronometer Rating

A majority of the quality watches usually have a chronometer rating. The rating means that the watches have been tested independently to check whether they can keep time very accurately. The tests are generally carried out for several days in different temperatures and other conditions. Various organizations are known for rating watches. A quality watch has a rating from a reputable organization.metallic watch

Water Resistance Rating

High-quality watches usually have very high ratings for water resistance. This score can go up to 500 meters for watches. A high rating means that they are safe to wear, even while swimming. You will never have to worry about your watch getting spoiled by water.


The strap of a quality watch should be made of quality metal or leather. Stainless steel is what is most commonly used, but gold, silver, or any other metal can be used as well. The metal used should be solid and not hollow as with the cheaper watches.