A Review for Temporary Security Fences

Most of the temporary fences are erected on construction sites to keep off intruders. They are well-designed to offer safety in an area. They are also used to secure sports events and for animal–containment needs. Silt fences are erected on residential and commercial locations to minimize erosion. These structures are highly-visible, durable and string making them practical for different uses.

Factors Considered When Choosing Temporary Fence

  • Type of project
  • Size of the site
  • The time frame for completing a project
  • Location of the site
  • Regulations

In most cases, it is mandatory for contractors to erect temporary fencing when remodeling or constructing new structures. This has become one of the standards procedures for contractors. These fences can be installed easily and quickly. It is advisable to choose a site fence that can be moved easily to another location without much difficulty. Other important aspects that you need to consider is how easy it is to store, disassemble and set up the fence. Described here below are the common types of temporary fencing used in construction sites:

Pole and Mesh Fencing

This is a unique type of structure that does not require drilling making it a practical option for pool areas. It is mainly used to guarantee safety. This structure is the epitome of efficiency and ease, especially in areas where permanent fencing it not readily available.

Barricade Fencing

barricade fencing

Plastic or metal barricades are excellent traffic or crowd-control options. It is a portable fence that is also convenient for use. These fences come in different configurations, functional and creative layouts that can fit in any boundary requirement. In addition to this, they are light-weight as compared to other options like steel. Its high-density polyethylene designs are deployed in structures because of their strength and sturdiness. Furthermore, they come with locking mechanisms that optimize their stability. You can use this type of fencing to protect your construction materials and equipment. Heavier barricades are helpful in providing maximum security making them a great option for thwarting thievery.

Nylon Mono-Filament Fencing

This is a solid fence that is designed to offer immense strength and easy installation. The material used in making it is far lighter and robust than that of the steel-wire counterpart. Solid nylon wire is highly resistant to stretching, sagging, rust, and corrosion. It is useful in keeping away invasive animals from crops and pets and garden. You can also use it control coyotes and deer.