How To Choose A Newborn Photographer

Having a newborn baby is a time of excitement and joy for the parents and family. The first images of the child are moments that the parents would want to be captured and keep as treasured memories of their little one.  For more about qualified newborn photographers click on How does one find a good newborn photographer who will be able to produce pictures that one can look at years on and still have the same warmth when the baby was born. Below is a guide on how to choose one.

Choosing A Newborn Photographer

Begin search earlybaby sleeping

In search of a newborn photographer, it is important to start the search early. This will give the parent enough time to do market research well. They will be able to find a photographer and conduct the required interviews before booking them for the service.

Places to look

A good place to begin the search is by talking to people who have recently had a baby and have taken some photos that you like of their newborn. This could be friends, family, neighbors or coworkers whose pictures you admire. Inquire about the photographer, find out how their experience was and whether they can refer them. An online search will also provide a list of potential newborn photographers whom you can shortlist and interview. Conducting some background check on the potential photographers is important. This will help one find a photographer who has a track record of customer satisfaction.


Experience is vital for a photographer to capture your newborn’s pictures. An experienced photographer will be very comfortable handling babies for they have worked with them. They also have the knowledge and techniques on how to safely and comfortably pose a baby and also to soothe an unsettled child.

Age best work with

It is important to find out what age of the baby the photographer prefers working with. Some will work with a baby who is 14 days old others prefer older babies from 8 weeks. Knowing this will help the parent plan better.

Consistency of work

Ensure to check the consistency of the photographer’s work. Take a look at their photo gallery and dates of posting. How is the quality of the pictures, is the skill and style improving with time. A good photographer keeps on working to improve on this, and there is evidence in the work they do.

Availability and Location

woman holding babyGood baby photographers get booked in advance. It is, therefore, important to inquire about the availability of the photographer and book in advance to avoid disappointments. Find out also if you need to go to the studio or if they can do a home photo shoot. Inquire about props and how the environment, a baby needs a cozy and warm feeling. Some parents would want to come with their props, so it is important to know if these is okay.

Finally, inquire about the cost. Find out about the package options that are available and take the one that best suits your budget.